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1. ISO 9001-2015 Audit & Certification

International Organization for Standards (ISO) is the worldwide accepted federation of national standard bodies. The adoption of quality management system is a strategic decision of organization that helps to improve overall performance and provides a sound base for sustainable development initiatives. The PDCA i.e Plan, Do, Action and Check methodology in the ISO activity provides various profitable benefits to the organization.

The common advantages of getting ISO Certification are-

  • It is an evidence of organizational quality
  • It is mandatory for many business activities
  • It is useful when business activity is unique and specialized
  • Any organization can seek benefits of such a certification
  • Our ISO certification is duly accredited by international bodies like IAF, ABAS, EGAC etc.

2. Loan Management of Cooperative Banks and Societies

This is our unique quality management service exclusively for the co-operative banks & multipurpose cooperative societies. We carefully work for these organizations in their loan management. The procedure is as follows:

Our Exclusive Quality Management Services

1. MUDRA Loan- Processing and Documentation

2. Accounting Packages for Organization Accounting Work

3. Digital Signature Certificate (all types)

4. Labour Performance Measurement Systems

Administrative Services

1. GST Registration (Regular & Composition)

2. GST Returns Filings (all types)

3. Business Registration

4. Company Formation

5. MSME Udyog Adhaar Certificate

6. Food Safety License

7. Audit Work

8. Income Tax Returns Filing

9. Project Reports